January 2016

Vivaldi Baroque Concertos

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This album celebrates the magic of Antonio Vivaldi's Baroque Concertos composed in the wonderful city of Venice. It consists of some of the most delightful works for solo intruments and orchestra as well as overtures and concerti grossi of different periods by the composer.

Antonio Vivaldi Baroque Concertos

I. Sinfonia No. 3 G-dur for strings and basso continuo (from ‘Il Core delle Muse’, RV 149 )
II. Concerto for flute and strings in G minor ‘La Notte’ (op. 10 No. 2 RV 439)
III. Concerto for cello and strings in E-minor (from Cello Sonata No. 5 in E minor, RV 40)
IV. Concerto for flute and strings in F major ‘La Tempesta di Mare (op. 10 No. 1 RV 433)
V. Concerto grosso in D minor op. 3 no.11 (from L’ Estro Armonico, Libro Secondo, RV 565)
VI. Concerto for guitar and strings in D major (RV 93)
VII. Concerto (Sinfonia) for strings and basso continuo in A Major (RV 158)

Dejan Gavric, flute • Davide Toso, Alexej Svatlovskij & Attila Sautov, violin
Pavel Ulanickiºº & Simon Kovarskij, cello • Frank Kedzierski, guitar


Recorded at Altenberger Dom, Germany; Evang. Kirche Bad Neuenahr, Germany, Cathédrale St.Sauveur

JPK 15 11 09 DDD

Re-mastered in 24bit/48kz