Hungarian Rhapsody - Airs Bohémiens

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Hungarian Rhapsody * Airs Bohémiens
Video: Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No.2
Bizet/ Waxman • Carmen Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra Victor Monti • Czardas Liszt Ungarische Rhapsodie Nr.2 • Hungarian Rhapsody no.2 Zoltan Kodalyi Tänze aus Galantha • Dances from Galanta Johannes Brahms • Ungarische Tänze Nr.1, 5, 6 • Hungarian Dances • Danses Hongroises Pablo de Sarasate Zigeunerweisen • Gypsy Songs • Airs Bohémiens Johann Strauss • Overture to »The Gypsy Baron« • Ouvertüre zu »Der Zigeunerbaron« Mintcho Mintchev & Galina Stamenowa, Violin, Miltos Mumuides, Clarinet Cologne New Philharmonic Volker Hartung, conductor
This album presents dazzling performances of Hungarian and Spanish virtuoso showpieces for violin and symphony orchestra performed by Volker Hartung and his Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra as well as Bulgarian master violinists Mintcho Minchev and Galina Stamenova: Pablo de Sarasate's 'Gypsy Airs', Frank Waxman's incredible 'Carmen Fantasy' and Victor Monti's 'Czardas' are combined with some of the most exciting works of the symphonic repertory - Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No.2, Brahms' Hungarian Dances and the sparkling 'Dances from Galanta' by Zoltan Kodaly.

Tango Argentino with Marikena Monti


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Tango Argentino with Marikena Monti
JPK 52 12 09

Cologne New Philharmonic Volker Hartung, conductor
JPK 00 15 22 DDD re-mastered in 24bit/48k

A Concert extravaganza of Argentine Tangos is presented here in exciting live-performances. This Album is the result of a unique cooperation between Volker Hartung, members of the Cologne New Philharmonic and some of the greatest and well-known tango players from Buenos Aires:
Maestro Adolfo Gomez, grand seigneur of Bandoneon, the young and genial Alberto Pereyra, the amazing pianist Roberto César Calixto Cicaré, who in his youth had played together with Oswald Fresedo, the double-bass virtuoso Pablo Gatto and last but not least, the wonderful tango singer Marikena Monti. Together with first-chair soloists of Junge Philharmonie Köln they formed a unique blend of European & Argentine band sound during their sejourn in Germany.
Together they revived the greatest tangos of the past century and brought this program to an enthusiastic German public. Rarely will one listen to a recording of Tango music played with more devotion and fire. The young musicians of the Cologne Orchestra were carried away and overwhelmed by the overpowering emotional impact of this great music. Some of them regard this experience to this day as the most musical rewarding in their memories.
One may listen to this feast of sound and emotion and feel the same joy, than they did, when recording it live in concerts at Düsseldorf and Bonn in October 1997.

The players were:

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Georges Boulanger: The Great Gypsy Violinist


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Georges Boulanger: The Great Gypsy Violinist – 1934-1939 Recordings

Georges Boulanger conquered the field in Berlin of the 1930s as one of the greatest and most famous Gypsy Violinist with his incomparable tone, his vibrato, his great virtuosity and distinguished showmanship. Those who listen to his recordings have an encounter with greater art and much fun! One can hear his delightful compositions, his standards and classics, the tangos of his best time which, thanks to modern techniques, again sound fresh and new - better than ever.
It makes him unforgettable. Salon Music and Georges Boulanger: DA CAPO!

JPK 00 89 98

Romantic Treasures

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Romantic Treasures

Edvard GRIEG Piano Concerto a-minor op.16 • Holberg Suite for String Orchestra op.40
Giacomo PUCCINI »I Crisantemi« for string orchestra
Sergej Prokofiev Overture Overture on Hebrew Themes op.34

Volker Hartung, conductor; Wang Hai Jie, piano;
Members of Cologne New Philharmonic & St.Petersburg Academy Symphony Orchestra;
Mikhail Bondarev & Jekaterina Belissova, violin; Alexei Popov, viola;
Stanislav Lyamin, cello; Jevgeny Krivoshein, clarinet; Maxim Pankow, piano; Alexander Tchernoussov, bass

This album consists of a selection of some of the most beautiful works of the romantic 19th and early 20th century repertory.
The brilliant Piano Concerto by Edvard Grieg, played by Wang Haii Jie, one of China's New Generation of great piano talents.
»From Holberg's Time«, the delightful suite for string orchestra, Puccini's beautiful »I Crisantemi«and Prokofjevs seldomly played, but most interesting »Overture on Hebrew Themes« for clarinet, piano and strings.
Volker Hartung and the Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra can be heard in some of their most vivid performances in the wonderful acoustics in Hamburg's and St.Petersburg's Concert Halls and recorded in brilliant 20bit/48 kHz high-end sound.
This album is a festival for your ears!

24bit/ 48 kHz
JPK 00 52 12

Oskar Fried - Legendary Conductor


Oskar Fried - Legendary Conductor of the 20th Century

Peter Tchaikovsky; Camille Saint-Saëns; Georges Bizet; Richard Wagner; Carl-Maria Von Weber; Leo Délibes

Oskar Fried; BerlinPhilharmonic Orchestra; Berlin State Opera Chorus & Orchestra; Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; British Symphony Orchestra

There were certainly no more interesting, more individual and more courageous conductors in these first two decades in the cultural life of Berlin, as Oskar Fried.
His program selections were consistently daring and highly modern for the time. He conducted world premieres of new works by Busoni and Pfitzner and the Viennese School, Schonberg, Berg, Webern. He also had the luck to be contemporary of the greatest musicians of the 20th century, and took advantage of the opportunities to learn from them. He was acquainted with Hans Pfitzner, Arnold Schonberg, Feruccio Busoni, Igor Stravinsky, Alexander Scriabin, Richard Strauss and many others and conducted their works, often as their first interpreter.
His special love was the work of Gustav Mahler (the manuscript of the Adagio from his 10th Symphony is seen on the cover of this album). He had the incredible opportunity, to study all his symphonies together with the composer himself who in turn offered to him the Berlin premiere of his sixth and eighth symphonies.
What experience! Which conductor can claim today, to have studied so close to the original source! This unique historical advantage make up the unique value of his performances besides his amazing sensitivity and his strikingly hypnotic talent to lead his Orchestras, which is fortunately preserved on a number of early acoustic and then electric records.
His performance practices were highly remarkable.
I have made the effort, therefore, to restore the 78-rpm shellac recordings by Oskar Fried from my collection and publish them for you, dear listener, in the best possible sound and give you the opportunity to listen back to an era when Symphonic recordings were still an adventure, a sensation of the moment, for which an orchestra gave everything, to look back a time when conductors lived who managed to draw secrets from scores of romantic symphonic music, which they new from composers who shared the same epoch.

JPK 01 08 15

Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Julia; Symphony No.5


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Peter Tchaikovsky
Romeo and Julia • Symphony no.5 e-minor op.64
»Romeo und Julia« Fantasie-Ouverture • »Romeo et Juliette« Fantasie-Ouverture
Symphony no.5 e-minor op.64 • Symphonie Nr.5 e-moll op.64 • Symphonie no. 5 mi mineur op.64

Cologne New Philharmonic Volker Hartung, conductor
JPK 00 15 22 DDD re-mastered in 24bit/48k

Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony and Romeo & Julia Fantasy overture is presented here in an exiting performance under my direction at Tonhalle Dusseldorf, Germany.
This project was one of our most interesting and rewarding experiences and a great success with the audience in February 1998.
The wonderful playing by the Cologne Phil woodwind section was made possible by flutist Ed Senechal, Miltos Mumulides at the clarinet and bassoonist Dejan Topchiev together with their colleagues.
The famous French horn solo part in the slow movement was delivered 'con anima' and beautiful sound by Ansgar Faust. The great Jürgen Schuster played the Principal Trumpet. Concert masters Galina Stamenowa and Anja Bucoveç as well as principal cellist Jadranka Gasparovic and bassist Alexander Tchernoussov were leading the powerful string section.
These recordings have never been published before.
Now available an all media platforms like iTunes Music store, Spotify, Amazon and many others.

Have much fun listening!

Tschaikowskys Fünfte Symphonie und die Romeo & Julia Fantasie Ouvertüre in einer feurigen Aufführung aus der Tonhalle Düsseldorf.
Dieses Projekt war eine unserer interessantesten und erfolgreichsten Erfahrungen und ein großer Erfolg beim Publikum im Februar 1998.
Das fabelhafte Zusammenspiel der Kölner Holzbläser wurde ermöglicht durch Ed Senechal an der 1.Flöte, Klarinettist Miltos Mumulides, Fagottist Dekan Topchiev und Kollegen. Das berühmte Horn-Solo im langsamen Satz blies Ansgar Faust mit viel Seele und schönem Ton. Der großartige Jürgen Schuster spielte die 1. Trompete.
Konzertmeisterinnen Galina Stamenowa und Anja Bukovec, sowie Solo-Cellistin Jadranka Gasparovic und Bassist Sascha Tchernoussov führten die großartige Streichergruppe an.

Diese Aufnahmen sind nie zuvor veröffentlicht worden.
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Wir wünschen Ihnen Viel Spaß beim Hören!

Vivaldi Concertos for Piccolo Flute

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JPK 00 40 13

Konzert C· Dur RV 444 · Konzert a-moll RV 445 · Konzert C- Dur RV 443
Concerto in C Major RV 444 • Concerto in A minor RV 445 • Concerto in C Major KV 443

Konzert für 2 Violinen und Streichorchester a-moll op. 3,8
Concerto for 2 Violins in A Minor op. 3,8

Michael Schubert, piccolo flute
Davide Toso and Stefan Filas, violins

JPK 00 40 13 DDD re-mastered in 24bit/48k

In 1926 the musicologist Alberto Gentili discovered a wealth of unpublis­hed and previously unknown original manuscripts by Vivaldi in a convent in Alessandria, Italy. After their significance became clear, their ensued a long legal battle over the publication and performance rights.
Not until after World War II could the works be made public. All of the newly discovered works, together with all the other works of Vivaldi's unpublished in his lifetime have been catalogued by Peter Ryom and bear an "R" number.
Among these are the three 'Piccolo Concertos' heard on this recording- the only known works Vivaldi composed for his smallest and most agile mem­ber of the orchestra family. The dates of composition cannot be established with certainty.
The instrument which Vivaldi knew, the sopranino recorder, bears impor­tant differences to the modern Boehm piccolo: The recorder is inserted bet­ween the lips and played vertically, the piccolo rests on the lower lip and is played transversely; the recorder had simple holes where the piccolo has silver keys and a modern scale allowing all chromatic possibilities.
The instrument played by Mr. Schubert in this recording was crafted from grenadilla wood (body) and sterling silver (mechanism) by Philipp Hammig, Markneukirchen, East Germany, in 1990.

Vivaldi The Four Seasons

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Antonio Vivaldi The Four Seasons
Die Vier Jahreszeiten Les Quatre Saisons Davide Toso, violin Cologne New Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Volker Hartung, conductor

JPK 00 40 19 DDD re-mastered in 24bit/48k

Since its rediscovery in 1949, »The Four Seasons« by Vivaldi have been recorded many times and are one of the most frequently played classical works. Therefore we were always reluctant to add another to the very many already published CD· s. However, many of our loyal listeners asked us for our own version. We gladly obliged and since we have with Davide Toso an excellent musician from Vivaldi's Venetian home within our illustrious ranks, who has this specific musical language in his blood, we believe to add a strong personal and exciting interpretation to the general Vivaldi choir of recordings.